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Collections of IREN VARTIK
  • Manufacturer's warranty covers all products. It also establishes the guaranteed use period which is indicated in the warranty card.
  • The warranty period is calculated from the date of transfer of the items to the consumer.
  • The warranty period for shoes is calculated from the moment the corresponding season sets in. This period is determined by the state authority of the territorial subject of the Russian Federation based on the climatic conditions of your region.
  • We advise you to check the item in the store or upon receipt of the order in the presence of a courier: assess the appearance of the item, eliminate physical defects (scratches, chips, or cracks) and check if the set is complete.

Exchange or return
  • The warranty card is missing or not filled;
  • The package has traces of mechanical damage or tampering;
  • Factory labels, vendibility, or factory packaging have been damaged;
  • The storage and maintenance conditions of the item are not met.